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Urban gardening terms, in French

I have been reading several articles on the city (la ville), public space (l'espace public), and gardening (jardinage). I was not able to find a French-English dictionary of landscape or gardening terms, but as I worked on my translations I jotted down some interesting words and terms, which I have included below. General terms Jardinage urbaine : urban gardening L'agriculture urbaine : urban agriculture L'agriculture biologique : organic agriculture La pratique du jardinage : garden practices Types of gardens Jardins communautaires : community gardens (leisure) Les jardins collectifs : collective gardens (self-help) Les anciens jardins ouvriers : old workers' gardens Jardins familiaux : "family gardens" Jardin potager urbain : urban vegetable garden Les potagers : kitchen gardens Things in the garden Un petit jardinet pour produire des legumes : a small vegetable plot Parcelles individuelles : plots La pioche : pick-axe Table a pique-nique : picnic table Allees : paths Des plants d'herbes : herbs Des piments : peppers Tomates : tomatoes Concombres : cucumbers Des graines : seeds Concepts Un espace ouvert : "open" space L'espace public : public space Un espace de loisir : a space of leisure Le quotidien : everyday Les gens alentours : neighborhood people Le tissue social local : local social fabric Liens sociaux : social bonds Des preoccupations environnementales : environmental needs Note: Accents are missing.