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local ecologist is the blog for local ecology. The blog is written by Georgia Silvera and contains mostly short notes on everything relating to neighborhoods: parks, gardens, lawns, green space, housing, sidewalks, trash, and local businesses. The site has been described as a collection of "wide ranging urban ecological ruminations." My interest in green space developed in early childhood, playing in our front and back yards and exploring sugarcane fields and suburban wilds. I became formally interested in neighborhoods as a community forest intern with the Urban Resources Initiative in New Haven, Connecticut. Although I now call Berkeley, CA my home, I post about places I have lived (Boston, for example) and places I visit. The theory I reference in some of my posts comes out of my current studies of neighborhood and park landscapes; I am a graduate student in landscape architecture and environmental planning. Email us at ecology info at localecology dot org.


Anonymous said…

I saw here:

that you are a member of the PPSU, do you have your own chapter in berkeley? I started one in SF last year, Local 415. I also created a group for all chapters to keep in touch:

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. Take care and happy porching!

Diesel Mockingbird
Anonymous said…
Diesel Mockingbird:

I have a Berkeley PPSU Local 2218. It consists of two regular members. We usually meet on sunny Friday evenings. Thanks for your comment and the PPSU web link.