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An urban farm in New Jersey

Note: this post was edited on November 4, 2006. (Ploch's Farm, photograph by local Ecology) During the holidays we visited my family in New Jersey. On one of our drives we discovered the Ploch's Farm, Clifton, NJ. It has been in operation since 1867. The farm does not have a website but it is listed on the NJ Department of Agriculture website. The farm is open between April and October and grows a variety of fruits (peach, pear, apple), vegetables (eggplant, cabbage, pumpkin), and flowers.

(Ploch's Farm, photograph by local Ecology) While in Scotland during the summer of 2005, we came across an urban farm--Gorgie City Farm. The Gorgie Farm is not a working farm like Ploch's. It is a community education center. The target audience for the farm is young children but we had a great time. View the Gorgie City Farm website. Please send stories and photographs of your experiences with urban farms.


I know this comment is way late, but Gorgie Farm is also a working farm, the livestock are sent for slaughter and the vegetable plots are very productive and used to make some income!