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Urban land: farming or commercial use? Whose rights?

This news article is posted on the NBC4 TV News website. Formatting changes made on 4/1/06. Midnight Eviction Deadline Approaches For Downtown Farmers Urban Farmers Could Be Kicked Off Land
POSTED: 7:46 am PST March 6, 2006
UPDATED: 9:13 am PST March 6, 2006
Hundreds of urban farmers in Los Angeles could be evicted from their 14-acre plot of land at midnight on Monday.Over the weekend, the farmers staged a protest to protect their greenbelt.The city of Los Angeles originally acquired the open space at the intersection of Alameda and 41st streets back in 1992, according to NBC4, with the intent of building a garbage incinerator.But the incinerator was never built and the city turned the property over to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which lent the site to residents as a community garden.Under pressure from a lawsuit, city officials agreed to sell the land back to the original owner.Now he wants to build a warehouse on the site and the courts say the owner has the right to evict the local farmers.