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Crafters in my neighborhood

I enjoy eating ice cream. I have become lactose sensitive so traditional ice cream is often too creamy. Gelato is a great alternative. Berkeley has two gelaterias: Naia and Gelato Milano. Gelato Milano is made daily, on site, and is the first of my two crafters. Gelato Milano is 0.7 miles from my location, greater than the neighborhood unit dimension of a quarter mile (more on this in a future posting). I have visited Gelato Milano once. I bought a picolo (2 flavors) of yogurt and mango. Rating: Delicious. The yogurt at Gelato Milano tasted like fresh yogurt and the mango tasted like a freshly peeled mango. The combination was like a mango lassi (the owner said this is a popular combination). The second crafter in my neighborhood is Bison Brewing. Bison brews its beers on site and the brewey is definitely within my neighborhood. The Bison brewery offers tours by appointments. I have not been on a tour. But I have purchased their beer at a local cafe. My favourite style is the Belgian ale (trippel style). The brewery offers a seasonal hefeweizen which I have not tried. Rating: The brew is very similar to the trippels I had in Amsterdam!