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Signs #3 : Regulating social space

Keep off the grass? Lawns are optimal "sittable areas" (Whyte 1980).
"STOP driving" - a recently popular sign in Berkeley. Another rotary sign (see Signs #1)
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Anonymous said…
Local Ecologist,
I googled Professional Porch Sitters and up came your blog which is lovely. I too am an ecologist and interested in community design. It's grand to think ther are folks like you in the Union. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods please come sit a spell.

Crow Hollister
Founder, Professional Porch Sitters Union
Louisville KY
Anonymous said…

I heard about PPS on NPR and the idea is a great one. (Check out the post).

Local #2218 has met twice this fall. Unfortunately our work schedule has kept us off our stoop.