October 5, 2006

Because it's fall

Prince and Wheeler Streets, Berkeley, CA Fall is the transition season between summer and winter. It's a time of harvest, ritual, and thanksgiving. Most of all, it is full of changes and we often develop a sense of decline with shorter days and colder or wetter weather. The photographs in this post were taken at various points during the past year. Only one was taken as a sign of fall (the yellowing locust above), but they all feel like the season that's upon us. Abandoned grocery store (A&P?), Bergen Mall, NJ Abandoned barn, photographed while taking the wrong road to Livermore


  1. That supermarket was a shoprite. I used to go there often. I don't even know why it closed.

  2. It's a Shop Rite they moves to a new store that is behind it.

  3. It was a Penn Fruit when the annex was built. The ACME blog has more details.

  4. TY, farmer iggy.


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