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Among the many items associated with the holidays are the lists...of groceries, of gifts, of recipes, the to-do list, and the airport-pickup list. In the spirit of list-making, this post considers several types of lists. r: The Birds, Camille Paglia; Chicken with Plums, Marjane Satrapi The first list is not a list in the traditional sense. It is a bookstore window display. The theme of the display is bird books, thus constituting a graphic list as opposed to a textual, itemized list. The display is also appropo of the Thanksgiving holiday for which the turkey is the main ingredient. Another list is Blackstock's Collections by Gregory Blackstock. Each page in the book is a graphic collection of thematic items. The larger themes are Our Famous Birds, Fish & The Like, The Dogs, Insects & Arachnids, The Plants, The Tools, The Noisemakers, and The Vehicles. Great turkeys and world crows are two of the birds featured in Our Famous Birds. A more traditional list is the book list. local ecologist has such a list available through LibraryThing. I came across a book list in the Nov. 13 issue of The New Yorker. It was not a purposeful list, but the books referenced in Packer's article on Lagos, Nigeria would make a great reading list for a univresity course in development or planning. Planet of Slums, Mike Davis Maximum City, Suketu Mehta Shadow Cities, Robert Neuwirth Lagos: How It Works, Rem Koolhaas (2007) Lagos: A City at Work, David Aradeon