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The New Year is a time for making resolutions. Nancy Pelosi's Congress has 100 days of resolutions. Life Hack has compiled the top 15 resolutions of the year. My resolution, in part, is to take stock of last year. In this spirit, I have created a digest of the December posts. Read, reflect, and comment. December 17: Theoretical origin of "local ecology," part 2 : case example Read more December 13: Livable (traffic-calmed) streets The concept of "livable streets" was developed by Donald Appleyard between the 1960s and his death in 1982. Read more December 10: Another list : neighborhood history projects Here are a few neighborhood (and city) history projects I like. Read more December 9: The theoretical origin of "local ecology" In the fall of 2004 I wrote a prospectus outlining the idea of "local ecology." Read more December 4: The quilt, a neighborhood metaphor I am a member of the Wishing Quilt collective. We recently met for the second time - some to finish their first squares, others to begin their second. The goal is to make six quilts. Read more December 3: Revisiting The Neighborhood Unit Lewis Mumford (1954) described the neighborhood as a natural phenomenon. He cited the development of New York neighborhoods like Chelsea and Greenwich Village.... Read more