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Gastronome, restaurant, mirabelle, et ratatouille

May 24, 2007: Clotilde Dusoulier, blogger and author of Chocolate and Zucchini fame, gave a book talk at Cody's on 4th Street, Berkeley. I attended, purchased a copy of Chocolate and Zucchini, and waited in line for Clotilde's autograph. (I have prepared several dishes from the book.) May 29, 2007: I photographed French-inspired eateries (restaurants, bistros, boites, cafes, and rotisseries; accents are missing).

Shattuck at Channing

Shattuck at Bancroft (Louisiana was part of France between 1699 and 1764 and again between 1803
and 1804.)

Shattuck at Addison

Hearst at Shattuck

Shattuck at Virginia

Shattuck between Cedar and Vine

Shattuck, across from The French Hotel

There is also Gregoire's on Cedar; the numerous Crepes A Go Go; and a French language school, Alliance Francaise, near Ashby BART.

 SW Fulton at Dwight

June 27, 2007: An article about seasonal produce at farmers' markets ran in the Chronicle. I was inspired to update my public/fallen fruit map. (Read more about the public fruit idea.) My first fruit map is difficult to read. Since drafting it, I have found a more legible mapping tool which I used to create a map of solar panels in Berkeley. I have not recreated the original public/fallen fruit map, but I do have a list of new locations. The trees are in the public right of way unless otherwise noted: 1 plum at the Zen center, Parker at Fulton (the pluots are ripening) (extends over sidewalk) 2 plums, Fulton at Blake 1 plum at 2230 Blake 2 plums, NE Hillegass at Parker 2 plums, NE Fulton at Derby 1 plum, with large fruit, 2810 Fulton 2 plums, SW Fulton at Dwight (extends over sidewalk) 2 lemons, 2820 Regent 1 plum (or plum-like fruit), across 3045 Deakin June 28, 2007: Finally, the movie, Ratatouille, opens in theatres on June 29. Chronicle reporter, Stacy Finz, writes that the Pixar Studio team trained at Bay Area cooking schools and with French Laundry chef, Thomas Keller. (Read more at SFGate.) Gastronome: a lover of good food Restaurant: restaurant (from restaurer = "to restore, to energize" the body) Mirabelle: a type of yellow plum Ratatouille: vegetable dish made with eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions in olive oil (Source: French for Le Snob by Yvette Reche).


Anonymous said…
Great thematic post! That looks like a fun book. I've been making my way through all of the local eating books recently, and definitely am in the mood for more food reading.

I've been wanting to do a fallen fruit map for awhile as well, but putting it off till after I finish the current walking project, otherwise I end up noticing only fruit :-) I have noticed that your neighborhood has quite a few fruit trees. Interestingly, the other place I have seen lots of fruit trees is up in the hills. I've seen a few corner lots where trees are parked along the parking strip the whole way.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Jen. I am proud of this post.

Perhaps we should collaborate on a Berkeley fruit map...?