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Climate crisis call to action

Today is the 24 hour worldwide Live Earth event, brainchild of Kevin Wall and Al Gore. The major celebrations are happening in global cities including New York, London, Jo'burg, Tokyo, and Sydney, but there are numerous local celebrations and you can plan your own. I am not sure I can participate in any of today's events but I would like to share a video of Ira's Fountain in downtown Portland, Or, a lively display of water designed by Lawrence Halprin and based on spring flows in the Cascades. The Live Earth event is a climate crisis call to action and water is an essential natural actor. The role of water is central to most natural processes....The global energy balance is influenced strongly by the high capacity of water for storing thermal energy and the large amount of heat required to change water from liquid to vapor and vice versa. The abundance of water in the atmosphere and oceans make it an important regulator of climate. Water vapor is the most important of the greenhouse gases. Life depends on water. Source: Elements of Physical Hydrology, Hornberger et al.