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Spilling the beans

Yesterday afternoon I set out to find another edible estate in my neighborhood. I received a tip about a food garden on Ward near Ellsworth from Jen at Walking Berkeley (thanks Jen!). The garden is planted with tomotoes, corn, squash, and sunflowers among other things.

On my walk home, the trees in the sideyard at Carleton and Ellsworth caught my eye. I walk by this home quite often but never paid much attention to the side yard. My search for the Ward Street garden enabled me "to see" the food in this yard. Apple. Fig. Pomegranate? There's also fennel which is a food source for swallowtails.

right: Caterpillars at a local butterfly expert's home


While we are on the subject of gardens, I photographed a medicinal herbal garden in Philadelphia. It is maintained by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Each herb is labeled with its common and Latin names as well as its medicinal uses. The garden was founded as a source "to replenish [the] medicinal chests" of physicians.

Note the bench. There are several benches in the garden, "pleasant spot[s] to learn, enjoy, or just relax."


Anonymous said…
I think the fig tree is either an Excel or a Kadota. Can someone verify this for me?