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Tree Walk Wednesday: Self-guided tree walks

On Wednesdays I will post about trees in the landscape - on a block, in a park, on a campus, or in a garden or yard.*

Image: Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

Today's Tree Walk features bi-coastal tree walks.**

Canopy Tree Walk No. 8, Old Palo Alto: trees along this walk include Nyssa sylvatica (Tupelo), Fagus sylvatica 'Atropunicea' (Copper beech), and Quercus suber (Cork oak). The Palo Alto urban forestry nonprofit, Canopy, has completed 13 tree walk guides.

Friends of the Urban Forest in San Francisco does not offer self-guided tree walk information, but the organization does host tree walks (view the calendar). Two tree walks in Mountain View are available on the Mountain View Trees website.

The Sacramento Tree Foundation has added a new tree tour - Gibson Park - to its neighborhood tree tours portfolio.

UC Berkeley Campus Trees: not a formal tree walk, but you can click on individual photographs to learn the location of selected trees on campus, like the old buckeye on Faculty Glade.

UC Santa Barbara offers two tree tours: an exotic flora tour and a lagoon habitats tour.

If you visit Portland, Oregon, tour the trees at Reed College.

Another campus tree walk is at the Vermont Law School. Fall is always a good season to visit Vermont - check out the 2007 foliage report.

* The Tree Walk series is still active but is no longer regularly published on Wednesdays.
** This post was edited for clarity on 5/10/2011.


Anonymous said…
Hi Georgia,
I'm really enjoying the tree Wednesday entries so far!

Will you be talking about (or maybe you have in the past) about fruit trees (if any) that you think are appropriate for street tree planting?
Anonymous said…

I have posted about fruit trees but not specifically about fruit trees as street trees. It's a great idea and I'll definitely dedicate at least one post to it.