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Books: water fowl and fouled waters

A bookworm's tribute to the fouled waters and water fowl of the Bay and Pacific.* Source: NOAA public domain image via Wikipedia Commons Children's Fiction Miss Pickerell and the Supertanker Ellen McGregor and Dora Pantell, 1978 Oil Spill! Melvin Berger, 1994 Oliver and the Oil Spill Aruna Chandrasekhar, 1991 One Wing's Gift Joan Harris, 2002 Washing the Willow Tree Loon Jacqueline Briggs Martin, 1995 Guides and References The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup Merv Fingas, 2000 The Shorebird Guide Michael O'Brien, 2006 Water Birds of California Howard L. Cogswell, 1977 * I saw all titles available at the Berkeley Public Library, except Oliver and the Oil Spill, The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup, and One Wing's Gift.