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Calendar: Week of November 12, 2007

In lieu of a Tree Walk Wednesday post,* here is a calendar of upcoming environmental events. Wednesday, November 14 6 pm - 8 pm Green Cities, Brown Folks Sponsored by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights Saturday, November 17 10 am, meet at 700 Jean Street, Oakland Oakland Paths & Steps Sponsored by Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (details) November 17, Saturday 10 am - noon Berkeley’s Downtown Parks: Real, Envisioned, and Vanished Co-sponsored by Berkeley Partners for Parks and the Berkeley Historical Society (details) Sunday, November 18 noon - 3pm, at Green City Gallery Seedball Sunday Sponsored by East Nay Permaculture Guild (details here and here) * I recently read about a 1999 campaign for trees on a block of Ward Street. My intent was to walk the block this evening and post my observations tomorrow. However, darkness descended more swiftly than I could bicycle home. My new goal is to take a walk this Thursday or Friday and prepare the post for next Wednesday's Tree Walk installment.


  1. Thanks, Georgia. I like event lists/reminders.

    Did you see the article in the latest Daily Planet about the report on East Bay Parks and environmental justice? I just downloaded the (huge) report from here:
    Looks very interesting.

  2. Jen, thank you for the information about the EB parks/EJ report. The author, Paul Stanton Kibel, has an interesting background.

    His premise about low-income, minority residents have inequitable access to environmental amenities like parks is very thoughtful. In addition to parks, there are communities that are environmentally under-resourced because they lack a sufficient and healthy urban forest canopy.

    I look forward to reading the entire report!


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