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Super Tuesday Results

Local Alameda County Measure A lost did not meet the required two-thirds vote in favor to pass (county tax to expand private hospital); there were 174,632 votes against the measure. Oakland's school district Measure G won passed with 60,629 votes. San Francisco's park Measure A passed. The Neighborhood Parks Council web site has great summary and detailed information about the bond. El Cerrito's street repair Measure A won passed as well as Richmond's Measure G to reduce maintain phone and cable service taxes. State Wins Yes Propositions 94, 95, 96 and 97 (gaming) Losses No Proposition 93 (term limits) Proposition 92 (community college funding) Proposition 91 (gas tax) National Barack Obama 13 states Hilary Clinton 9 states John McCain 9 states Mitt Romney 7 states Mike Huckabee 5 states Source: San Francisco Chronicle,, and