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Connection to mountaintop removal coal mining

I have been reading Michael Shnayerson’s Coal River with shock, sadness, anger, and hope. I borrowed the book after reading a review in the New York Times Book Review. Tonight I found out that coal extracted via mountaintop removal powers my home.* My electricity supplier is Pacific Gas and Electric. According to, PG&E “buys coal from companies engaged in mountaintop removal,” a practice that has devastating consequences not only for the physical environment, but also for social communities and physiological well-being. I encourage you to read Shnayerson’s book. One strategy to end mountaintop removal coal mining, the Clean Water Protection Act H.R. 2169, is being supported by Representative Barbara Lee. Click on the image below to find out your connection to mountaintop removal coal mining and for resources on how you can help to preserve Appalachian landscapes and communities.

* via Bootstrap Analysis.


Anonymous said…
03/05/08 @ 15:52

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Comment from : renee [Visitor]
Thank you for bringing this to my attention - I had no idea and when I put in our zipcode, sure enough!
Also I enjoyed the pix from the case study in New Haven

As we develop ideas for our new website, I am wanting a blog or other feature where we can highlight efforts by urban youth, urban people, and people of color, as well as information like yours that shows what people are doing and what people need to do

Your work may well be of great assistance.

I see that Boston and Cambridge did well in rating as green cities although the numbers needed for criteria ratings were not overall very high - still it is a start

So it is the season to be thinking about Arbor Day and tree planting - as you may know we became a tree bank branch (see iTreeBank or our website) so we are looking to get increased donations once we get the word out about our efforts.

I hope you are well and I do enjoy seeing your pix and hearing of your walks and other tidbits.