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Berkeley's Earth Day Fair

Bicycle parking provided by Bicycle Friendly Berkeley Coalition. At a recent TALC Summit, East Bay Bicycle Coalition provided free valet parking.

Zip Car was at the fair too with a Toyota Prius.

The most recent Daily Planet article on moth spraying can be read here.

Read about the Happy Forever Community Garden here.

Farm Fresh to You produce delivery service. I would miss walking to the farmers’ market.

Human powered climbing opportunity provided by Clif Bar, formerly of Berkeley, with SunPower in the background.

Lawn sitters watch dance group.

I did not find a tree group at the fair (I don’t think Berkeley has an NGO for sidewalk trees), but Spiral Gardens Nursery was selling apple and pear tree at the farmers’ market on Center Street.


Anonymous said…
04/20/08 @ 18:21

In response to: Berkeley's Earth Day Fair

Comment from : Carole [Visitor]

What did I do on Earth Day? My Mom asked me that question who watches the news morning noon and night. She knew it was Earth Day.
I was on a news fast so hadn't noticed its approach. Busy watching the squirrels,birds and insects feasting on the local native plants in my yard. But without knowing it was Earth Day I had done something powerful that day. I had gone to volunteer for a candidate for state office who is an incredibly proactive environmentalist! Just think what a different world we could have if we didn't have to convince government officials that the earth and its creatures need to be nurished and protected! Things could do a big flip-flop in a hurry if we elected people like that at all levels of government. It seems like the biggest progress we have made in public policy in the US (for the environment) has been on the local level where we have been able to elect some real environmentalists. So even if you forgot Earth Day don't forget to work for change by electing future minded candidates who love nature like you do. Happy Earth Day, Carole