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Bird Watch: Pigeon watching three blocks away, almost

I’ve found pigeons to watch; three blocks away, pigeons hang out on the overhead wires across from a 7-Eleven store. I received my Urban Bird Studies/ Project Pigeon Watch a few months ago and have been looking for a spot to observe pigeons for ten-minute stretches. I can submit my data online as well as share essays and photos. The project is sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Four of seven color morphs from the Project PigeonWatch poster are show below (red, spread, white, and checker - counterclockwise from top left).

In response to my post about International Bird Day, Mary Guthrie of the Cornell Lab commented

thanks for your support of the Cornell Lab. I thought you might like the url for IMBD - From their home page “Now, IMBD is celebrated almost year-round. Most U.S. and Canada events take place in April and May, while fall events are the norm in the Caribbean and Latin America.” Come visit us in Ithaca!

Susan Bonfield of the International Migratory Bird Day NGO wrote

I ran across your blog and wanted to let you know that International Migratory Bird Day is alive and well, and I’m sorry you had trouble finding information about it. Please visit our website ( for lots of information, downloadable materials, and ideas. Officially, IMBD is celebrated on the second Saturday in May each year; May 10 in 2008. Because birds’ schedules don’t coincide in all locations, we encourage groups to host in event at the best time.


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05/02/08 @ 16:52

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Comment from : Adrian [Visitor]
Thanks for the info….I am trying to put together a list of what celebs are doing to help the environment. Ed Begley Jr. is having a sweepstakes where he flys you to Hollywood and gives you tips on how to go green ( ) Pretty crazy stuff. Obviously there are many others. Drop me a link if you have any on the top of your head. Thanks again for the info!