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Event: May 10 - Discover Berkeley's hidden gems, by bike, by foot

Participate in the 6th Annual Hidden Gems Tour of Berkeley this Saturday, May 10, beginning at 10 a.m.!

If you bike, meet at San Pablo Park (Mabel and Russell). If you walk, meet at the Cordonices Creek bridge at the Ohlone Greenway. Both the walk and ride will rendezvous at Strawberry Creek park for lunch. After lunch the ride will continue to Westbrae. For more details, click here for the full-size poster or click here for the event website.

This year we’ll explore the many eclectic hidden gems of West Berkeley and the Westbrae. John Steere, John Coveney, Georgia Silvera Seamans, Susan Schwartz, Jen English (of Walking Berkeley), and guest historians/guides will conduct this 4 mile ride through curiously historic and creative features of the flatlands. Discover exciting citizen-led projects near the old Santa Fe rail route. Community members will introduce you to a new volunteer-built park, a playground transformed by young artists, native plantings, gardens, public art, plans for a exciting new plaza, and more. Bring a lunch, water, and your curiosity!

This tour is sponsored by Berkeley Partners for Parks and is co-sponsored by the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association, Bicycle Friendly Berkeley Coalition (as a part of Berkeley Bike Month), Livable Berkeley, and by Whole Foods Market - Berkeley.