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Favorite essays from other blogs

The inspiration for our Tree Walk series is Spacing Wire's Tree Tuesday essays written by Todd Irvine. Read about Ailanthus altissima busting a move.

Katydid on the Street writes about two zelkovas with different growth habits due primarily to shade in A Tale of Two Trees.

Pop City provided my first glimpse of Pittsburgh's Grand View Scenic Byways Park in The Best View in Town.

The East Bay is lined with creeks - above and below ground - but in cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, runs flow through the landscape. The Necessity for Ruins writes about improvements to the (lost) Dobson's Run watershed.

The Detroit River probably does not evoke images of fishing, but detroitblog has a moving essay about a 59-year old Detroiter who fishes in the river "across from Zug Island."

The New York Times article on designing seductive landscapes was blogged by many including Pruned.

Re-Nest and Apartment Therapy: San Francisco carried the profile of my home food garden. If you have not read it, do so here and leave a comment.

Although Jen is not actively maintaining Walking Berkeley, you can still browse the archives. One of my favorite essays is a list of parks "most enjoyable as a walker."

I enjoy the essays I have submitted to Human Flower Project, but one of my favorites is EarthScholars's 106 Million Players: Super Turf ‘08 about the Super Bowl 2008 playing field.