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Cherokee Purple Tomato and other food tales

An alternate title post could be "Plant of the season: Bountiful, Organic Cherokee Purple Tomato." One four-inch potted tomato plant from a local grocer has yielded many tomatoes. The variety of shapes is notable, too. After heavy rain on Friday, I picked all the ripe tomatoes leaving the green ones on the vine. I am hoping for another big harvest at the end of the week; meteorologists are predicting a week of warm temperatures and full sun.

Taking a cue from One-Block Diet and Greenwalks, I would like to share my favorite tomato recipe using tomatoes: Tarte Tatin รก la Tomate (Tomato Tatin) published in "Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen" by Clotilde Dusoulier of the Chocolate & Zucchini blog. The recipe is available at the Doubleday Publishing Group website.

Desirous of more garden/ farm tales? Add another recipe to your repertoire: Kurt Michael Friese's Shiitake and Wild Black Walnut Tartare recipe at Paul Newman died last week and along with his family and incredible film legacy, he left behind Newman's Own Organics and the nonprofit - Newman's Own Foundation - that donates the company's post-tax profits to charity. Did you know there is an 18-acre, peri-urban farm on public land 30 minutes from Oakland? Read about the Sunol Water Temple Agricultural Park at Tom Philpott compares the presidential candidates farm and food policies in Politics and the Dinner Table at Learn more about Will Allen - a MacArthur Genius - and his organization, Growing Power.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the mention! :) Your tomatoes look amazing, and I'm jealous of your extra weeks of sun. Good ol' Berkeley. I'll have to try the tomato tarte recipe, it looks amazing (even though, sadly, I'm not the biggest tomato fan).