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Edible street trees: Orange trees in Italy

Thank you to Katydid on the Street for this photograph of orange trees in Italy.

Read our related post about edible street trees in Sacramento (Calfornia) and Sevilla (Spain) here. The closest fruit project to me, in Berkeley, is Forage Oakland which operates in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco. I am a member of EarthWorks in Boston. Toronto-based not far from the tree was profiled by Dale Duncan of Spacing Toronto. Philly Orchard, the Philadelphia-based orchard project, provides a list of U.S. and international fruit projects including:

  • Treefolks Urban Orchard Program, Austin
  • Fallen Fruit, Los Angeles
  • TreePeople Fruit Tree Program, Los Angeles
  • Walnut Way Conservation Corps, Milwaukee
  • Portland (Oregon) Fruit Tree Project
  • Urban Gleaners, Portland metro area (read Civil Eats's article about gleaning as well as an article by City Farmer News)
  • Community Fruit Tree Harvest, Seattle
  • Richmond (British Columbia) Fruit Tree Sharing Project
  • Victoria (British Columbia) Fruit Tree Project
  • LifeCycles Project Society, Victoria
  • Growing Food in Cities, Scotland


Anonymous said…
Wish more folks knew about this - it kills me to see all the waste when there are so many hungry people! Saw tons of olives and persimmons when we were in CA last month. Thanks for the resources!