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Patches of old snow and other winter colors

It’s snowing again in New Jersey. I am happy for the bright spot of color the snow will add to the winter landscape. More accurately, the snow will add natural color to a mostly grey and brown world. Winter, especially at night, is not wont of color; doors decked with wreaths and evergreens with lights brighten streets and neighborhoods.

The evergreen wreath is a symbol of life in long, dark winters. Even house paint can be used to great effect.

A few days ago, with only “patch[es] of old snow”* on the ground, I went looking for natural color. Strolling through the Fairmount neighborhood of Hackensack, here is what I found:

  • Brilliant green moss in a parkway
  • Young beech trees in the understory of a remnant oak woodland
  • Festive orange rose hips and canes
  • Hydrangea flowers dried to the color of wheat
  • The classic white bark of a birch

* From Robert Frost's poem titled "A Patch of Old Snow" here.


Les said…
Not that I am blowing my own horn, but you can see my latest post about brown and gray on my blog.

I love the paint job on the garage.
Anonymous said…
Blow away. I thoroughly enjoyed the tree photography in your post titled
"The Season of Brown and Gray."