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Wayback: Streetscapes from the archives preceded local ecology (and this blog, local ecologist). From the name,, you can guess that the Web site focused on trees. I recently recovered the photographic archives and present here several photographs of streetscapes. Most of the photographs were taken in the Northeast, particularly in Boston, Mass.

The definition of "streetscape," according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is

1 : the appearance or view of a street 2 : a work of art depicting a view of a street
Read other definitions here.


Anonymous said…
We look for a lot of the same things when we are out for a stroll - only you are a lot more analytical about what you find than I, to your credit.
kristin maynes said…
I found you through looks like you figured out how to add the button to your post, how did you do it?

Great blog by the way!
Anonymous said…
"sassy mom",

I added the script in the (span class='post-comment-link') section.

Thank you for the kind feedback.