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Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Update: Some blooms photographed on my walk to the grocery store. By the way, it is 69-degrees F in Berkeley.

Karen at Greenwalks is a font of information. It is from her that I learned about GBBD, hosted by May Dreams Gardens. I would like to share photos of quince flowers, buds, and a fruit. The quince grows in my "backyard." Read more about this fabulous tree here.


Alan Pulley said…
What an awesome looking tree! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Aw gee, thanks for the shout out! Saw your comment on Alan's blog, just found his for the first time via this fun tradition. Love your quince, it looks almost tropical compared to what we have going on up here (nada mucho).
Anonymous said…
that new zealand flax is quite a healthy contrast to the sad one I posted about today! ok, I am super jealous of your weather, I remember those wacky January Bay Area heat waves very fondly now!
Carol Michel said…
Berkley? Hmmmm.. no sign of winter there. Lots of blooms, though. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens