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Garden tag: Tea Gardens by Ann Lovejoy and Allan Mandell

I've been tagged, indirectly. I read today's Greenwalks post in which Karen "tagged" her readers. The rules:

go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures, select the 4th picture in that folder, explain the picture, then tag four people to do the same.

Caveats: One, there is only one photo in the fourth photo folder from the top of my main photo folder so I selected the fourth photo folder from the opposite direction. Two, I am following Karen's lead: readers, consider yourself tagged.

Japanese tea garden from "Tea Gardens" by Ann Lovejoy and Allan Mandell

The image illustrated a post on my tea blog, Notes on Tea, about drinking tea in the garden. This garden is landscaped with pine, bamboo and winter plum. The only of these plants suitable for tea drinking is pine, white pine specifically. Here is my note from the blog:

in "A Roomful of Hovings," John McPhee writes about the white pine needle tea he drank with Euell Gibbons on a foraging trip in Pennsylvania.


Anonymous said…
well thanks for sharing this nice stuff. I love it.