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Lichtenstein in the Square & Carnegie Mellon's garden-sculpture-garden

Brushstroke Group (Roy Lichtenstein), West side of 17th North of Chestnut, Philadelphia, Penn.

I did not realize I had seen a Roy Lichtenstein until I went web searching for the name of this piece. Struck by the whimsy and colors, I photographed the sculpture during a personal trip to Philadelphia several years ago. Read more about the sculpture and the Rittenhouse Square Tour here.

Kraus Campo (Mel Bochner and landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Penn.

Here, again, I was struck by bold colors. The garden-sculpture-garden is tucked out of sight; I visited it in on a walk with family familiar with the campus. I was surprised to learn that the landscape architect is Michael Van Valkenburgh who I associate with more "naturalized" landscape design. For example, Teardrop Park in NYC, Wellesley College Master Plan, and Allegheny Riverfront Park in Pittsburgh. However, as I write this, I realize that the Kraus Campo is similar to the restored Boston Children's Museum landscape, especially from an aerial perspective. Read Marty Carlock's article in the Dec. 2008 Landscape Architecture magazine - "Playful, But Not a Playground: Boston Children’s Museum brings learning outside."


Les said…
It shouldn't surprise me, but I did not know that Lichtenstein sculpted. Thanks for the realization.
Anonymous said…
Hm, I think of him more as a painter. Interesting! That red walkway in the second garden is BOLD.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for helping me win an argument. I insisted at lunch today that the sculpture we had just walked past was a Lichtenstein. My friends insisted he never sculpted and suggested it was nothing like his work. But a google images search found your page with a shot of the very piece we walked past. Further proof was readily available in the dozens of other Lichtenstein sculptures, many similar, that are also on google. Isn't the Internet a glorious thing?
Georgia said…
Glad I could help, Anonymous.