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Science reading meme

Waiting on my boolean query to run on 20 plus years of newsletters from a Bay Area urban forestry nonprofit, I compiled a science reading list. I was tagged reading bootstrap analysis's meme.


Imagine: YOU are asked to assign a half-dozen-or-so books as required reading for ALL science majors at a college as part of their 4-year degree; NOT technical or text books, but other works, old or new, touching upon the nature of science, philosophy, thought, or methodology in a way that a practicing scientist might gain from.

The List:

  • Drawing a Tree - Bruno Munari
  • Ways of Seeing - John Berger
  • Anything by John McPhee
  • Books by David Quammen (I like "The Flight of the Iguana")
  • Stephen Jay Gould is a well known science philosopher


Anonymous said…
That's a great list. We're pretty pathetically low on science books at our house, we need to read more. Interesting that you categorize the Berger book as science - I think of it more as an art tome, but maybe that's uncreative of me!