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Gates of Albuquerque (New Mexico)

Following my new-found interest in gates, I photographed several in the Northwest Quadrant of the City of Albuquerque. The blue color of some of the gates seems to be the official color of the city. The last two photographs were taken at the Albuquerque Museum, located in NW ABQ. The last photograph is of the "Gate" by John Suttman (1995). As I was setting up the shot, a staff person commented that the "Gate" was her favorite gate.


Karen said…
I love your gates series! Is that kind of turquoise color maybe an echo of the stones used in jewelry in that region? I know Navajo and Hopi and maybe Zuni people incorporate it. Would be interesting to know if it's related. Hope you have fun at the bloggers' gathering, how cool that it's happening!
Georgia ( said…
I, too, assumed the turquoise is related to the Native American peoples of ABQ and New Mexico generally but was not able to find anything on the city's website. Many of the structures in the civic center plaza are turquoise colored.