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Greenspaces in New York

New York City's most famous greenspace is Central Park designed by Olmsted and Vaux (pronounced Vox). But the city supports more than this (central) park. Here are several types of greenspaces to be found in the city:

Produce at the Union Square (14th Street) Farmers' Market

Another square, to the south - Washington Square Park

Spots of green on the balconies of the old Chelsea Hotel

Mid-block East Village courtyard

Gardens powered by steam at Cooper Union

I was absolutely thrilled to discover the Time Landscape (shown below), a patch of Manhattan woodland created by landscape artist Alan Sonfist in 1978. Learn more about the constructed woodland and the historical ecology of the neighborhood at the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation website.


Karen said…
I saw something kind of similar on our trip to Portland. Also just read a piece in the NY Times about how we need to see and be in nature in order to stay mentally healthy! We are lucky (smart?) to live in cities where this is pretty easy on a daily basis.
Anonymous said…
very good!!