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Inside and out: A church in Rittenhouse Square

An incredible church near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. I cannot recall the denomination but the decorations are typical of a Catholic church. Does anyone recognize this church?


  1. I'm going to guess that this is the Church of the Holy Trinity (Episcopal??). Kind of like Catholic, only without the Pope. :) See what you think: Scroll down to the bottom, you can see the iron railings and a bit of the red doors (outer doors must close over the inner ones with windows). Beautiful!

  2. Georgia ( 14, 2009

    Thanks Karen. The red doors @ do resemble the ones in my photo though the stair railing looks different.


    I walk by there everyday ;0)

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  4. Anonymous, thank you for the i.d. And I agree, "absolutely beautiful"!


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