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Mountain views

Attendance at two conferences, one in Utah and the other in New Mexico, afforded views of mountains.

In Snowbird, Utah, the mountains were snow covered. Between Monday and Wednesday, April 13-15, 24 inches of snow fell.

The scenery in Albuquerque was quite different. The Sandia Mountains were bare or covered with desert vegetation.

In both places, the views were expansive. I could look far out into the distance before my eyes travelled upward, especially in Albuquerque.


Karen said…
I haven't been to that part of the world for a long time, your photos are making me want to return soon. I love the way the sky and weather can change in an instant there. We once got caught in a torrential summer downpour that was only minutes from the clear blue skies that has just disappeared.
DaveO said…
The Sandia Mts only have desert vegetation on the base of the uplifts. A pine-fir-aspen forest dominates the upper slopes.
Georgia | Local Ecologist said…
Hello, DaveO, thank you for the information about the Sandia Mounntain vegetation.