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Photo du Jour: Schoolyard bamboo garden and faux wood bench

Photograph courtesy Karen at Greenwalks


  1. Thanks for featuring my photo! I just proofed an article for the school newspaper about the bamboo. The kids are really studying it as a renewable resource and they have worked on preparing the garden all year long. I did notice some of the plants looked a little stressed recently, I hope they will recover from transplant shock followed by a week of spring break (with probably little or no supplemental water and dry/sunny days). I have seen a lot of kids sitting on the benches, they are a real addition to school life!

  2. Georgia ( 12, 2009

    Thanks for letting me use the photo. If I had more garden space, I would replicate this design.

  3. That is a nice photo and the bamboo in the container is a nice combination.

  4. what kind of container is this?

    1. Daniela: thanks for the question but I don't have the answer. You could ask the designer, Karen. You can find her at Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United to Talk on Facebook.

  5. I love this look. It's a galvanized livestock tank. Zinc coated steel used for watering livestock. Runs about $90 for a 100 gallon tank. Great solution for keeping bamboo in its place.


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