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Tree Walk: California Street (updated)

Image: Looking north (above) and south (below) red oaks line California between University Avenue and Dwight Way

The City of Berkeley does not provide a list of street trees online but a tree guide - the Illustrated Guide to Berkeley Street Trees - is available at all of the city's libraries. From the Parks, Recreation & Waterfront website:
The species of tree to be planted on a specific street, along with the planting location is determined by the City. If a species has not been designated for a specific street, staff will be happy to work with the neighborhood in selecting an appropriate species. Every effort will be made to select a species compatible with the existing tree plantings on the street, the neighborhood identity, the mature size of the tree, space available for the tree to grow, the presence of underground and overhead utility lines, utility poles, streetlights, driveway approaches and fire hydrants.

Note: This is an interim Tree Walk entry.

Update, May 7, 2013: Today I found an approved street tree species list dated June 23, 2009 at AND the Guide to the Street Tree Planting Program at‎.


Barbara said…
I love streets with real tree canopies in the summer. The last of the ancient ornamental plums which graced my block and bloomed abundantly each February were deemed dangerous and removed about 5 years ago. Now there is a hodge-podge of different tree varieties. The city will purchase and plant any tree you request if it is on their list. One neighbor and I planted ornamental plums. They are not the gnarled variety but we get beautiful blossoms in February.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know where there is a map of the street trees in Berkeley? I am trying to identify some leaves I have collected in different places in the city. Thanks.
local ecologist said…
Barbara, hope your plums bloomed beautifully this year.

Anonymous, I don't know of a street tree map for Berkeley. If you send your photos to us (info at, I can attempt to id them and/or share with folks via Facebook.
Anonymous said…
not secretive just not on other lists....i would love to see/download a picture of Berkeley street with plum blossoms. i am one who misses the town deeply; when i had to lea ve, i dreamed i walked down one street after annother- as i used to when awake-and every corner i turned , another street lined with blossoms........this pic is in the general area where i lived(3 decades), on browning street. i called city and asked for trees;they planted magnolias. when we lived on sacramento i called and asked for trees;the city planted trees! so i made my contribution, in a way. sharon mccrory
local ecologist said…
I am pleased this post is still being read!

Today I found an approved street tree species list dated June 23, 2009 at AND the Guide to the Street Tree Planting Program at‎.