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Book sale/ give-away, part 1

Update, June 21, 2009: There will not be a series of posts about the Book Sale/ Give-Away. We hope to have a garage sale next weekend. The books listed below and more will be free-cycled.on sale.

Need to expand your library? Help me to contract mine! Peruse the list of books below and leave a comment with the book title(s) you are interested in picking up from my place in Berkeley.

  • Brown Decades, Lewis Mumford
  • Larding the Lean Earth, Steven Stoll
  • The Conquest of Bread, Richard A. Walker
  • The Citizen's Guide to Planning, Smith
  • Elements of Physical Hydrology, Hornberger & Others
  • Saturday, Ian McGregor
  • Two Towns in Provence, M.F.K. Fisher
  • The Bird Watcher's Guide
  • The Dignity of Working Men, Lamont
  • Making Marriage Work for Dummies
  • Elements of Design, Anderson
  • Planting Noah's Garden, Sara Stein