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Autumn botanical tour in Turkey

Autumn crocus in Turkey courtesy of Holly Chase

Join Holly Chase for an autumn botanical tour in Turkey! Ms. Chase's spring tour in Turkey was attended and blogged about by former NPR broadcaster Ketzel Levine.

Here's what I know of the tour courtesy of Ms. Chase:

  • Southwestern Turkey, with optional extension to Cappadocia
  • date: October 11 -22, 2009
  • tour leader: English-speaking Turkish professor with expertise in Mediterranean & Anatolian flora
  • sites: Istanbul, Buldan, Dalyan and more
  • a $200 deposit with early sign-up
  • full payment is due 45 days before departure (approximately the second half of August)

Intrigued? Contact Holly Chase via phone (941.330.8738 & 860.536.2540), email (, or the Web ( for more information.


Holly Chase said…
Thanks, Georgia!

The October 2009 excursion promises to be a wonderful trip-- still warm, but cool enough for many bulb plants at the higher elevations of the Toros Mountains. There will be lots of colorful post-harvest agricultural activity to observe (drying of pumpkin seeds and peppers, making of fruit molasses and sesame helva, etc...)

In the Spring of 2010, we'll be hunting for Asia Minor's terrestrial orchids with our Turkish team and the Swedish botanical illustrator and orchidologist, Stig Dahlstrom.

Stig and filmaker Darryl Safer have just released their excellent documentary film on the Florida Everglades' Ghost Orchid. My Spring 2010 trip will be giving some pro bono support to their goals to bring attention to the issues of worldwide floral conservation. Learn more about their project at:

holly (at) hollychase (dot)com