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No-Impact Man gardens in our neighborhood

I think I first read about No-Impact Man and his family in the NY Times - an article titled "The Year Without Toilet Paper." The second time I read about No-Impact Man, Colin Beavan, was definitely in the NY Times - a recent article titled "And Now, the Impact of No Impact."

No-impact living is impressive, especially what this family has done, but I was especially pleased to learn that No-Impact Man gardens in our neighborhood. Yes. At the LaGuardia Corner Gardens, a 28-year old community garden on LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village. In one of the photographs that accompanies the article, you can see the Morton Williams grocery store awning in the background. By the way, the grocery store is owned by NYU (an interesting story about this here).

I really like the garden; in particular, I think it's great that the space is a "designated Backyard Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Waystation." Whenever I walk by, the garden is filled with birds, squirrels, and butterflies. In terms of vegetation, I first notice the non-food plants and I think these are what attract the wildlife and human passers-by.