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What's looks like an upside down canoe a boa constrictor that has swallowed an animal and protects and secures bicycles? A BikeLid bicycle parking system! Several weeks ago I spied four in a Chelsea courtyard. The uncovered bikes seem exposed and vulnerable. Each BikeLid can store two bicycles. How does the BikeLid work? Here are the instructions.

My new place does not offer bike storage and though there have been rumors about storage facilities, nothing has been installed. Maybe I should forward the BikeLid testimonials to the management to get the wheels turning again (pun intended). Also, I could mention that BikeLid "is a Community partner with Clean Air New York."


  1. Looks like they could double as a lifeboat if need be.

  2. Les, sea level rise is predicted for the Metro East Coast (, so conversion to lifeboat is not a bad double life for the BikeLid.


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