October 9, 2009

Funky nest identified...almost!

Could the "funky nest" we wrote about in our May Bird Watch be the nest of a Bullock's Oriole?

We received an email from Cornell's NestWatch that identified the nest as that of a Baltimore Oriole but NestWatch was not aware that the nest was photographed in Berkeley, California. California is not part of the Baltimore Oriole's range, but the state is part of the Bullock's Oriole's range. However, the Bullock's Oriole is "a bird of open woodlands in the American West, the Bullock's Oriole is especially fond of tall trees along rivers and streams" (All About Birds). Our nest was located in a front yard, adjacent to the sidewalk, with no water in (human) sight. (The nest has been found in urban parks, near water.) But, the Bullock Oriole's nest resembles the Baltimore Oriole's nest.... What do you think?

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