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Smell the flowers all week

We are on a week-long research trip. While we're away, we encourage you to read our contributions to the Human Flower Project.

Matchmaking on the Wedding Day

A Legacy of Jamaican Fruits

HFQ#9: What Thrives in Qatar?

A photo: Escalator Garden

HFQ#8: Fungi Need Names

Kings, Queens and Mangosteens

Listen Up: SF Garden Show 2009

HFQ #6: Fit for Foraging?

Oops a Daisy ~ Plant Idioms

The Florists of Telegraph Avenue

Walking with 'Sharp-eyed' Margot

Bookends: Native and Ornamental

Gardening in Prison

Street Trees: Let’s Think Outside the Wires

A photo: Slow Down for Quince

A photo: Quatrefoil—Flower of Andalusian Architecture

Pollen-feld: A Bee Movie Review

Georgia’s News Bouquet: 3rd Week of Oct.

Bringing City Trees to Fruition


Karen said…
Hope you have a great trip! Sorry I have been absent from blogland for a long while. I even missed your Festival of the Trees (again)! I am hoping to have some time this winter, when it's awful out, to catch up on all the good stuff you've been writing while I was "away."
Georgia said…
Karen - you should volunteer to host a FOTT.