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Wild turkeys in Sacramento

Wild turkeys outside the Sacramento Tree Foundation office


  1. It's amazing to see how much more common wild turkeys have become, at least in the east. Growing up, I had never seen a wild turkey, and now, they're living in an urban woodland in Columbus Ohio. It appears that they are even more common in your capital city.


  2. For a bird that is notoriously shy, this rafter of turkies is quite bold.

  3. Tom: welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment. Local ecologist is now written from the east coast (farewell California). I saw a turkey in my brother's neighbor's yard a few weeks ago. He lives in NJ.

    Les: A new term for me; a group of turkeys is a rafter. Thanks!

  4. Hilarious! Hope those guys stayed safe over the holidays...

  5. We've had four wild turkeys hanging around our East Sacramento neighborhood (55th and 56th Streets between Folsom and J Streets) for about three weeks now. I've spotted them three times, the latest being yesterday evening when one was perched on my porch railing while the others pecked around the front lawn. Freaky!

  6. I lived in the Bay Area for almost 30 years before moving to the Sacramento region. I never once saw a turkey there. I see them almost everywhere I go. City streets, neighborhoods. Out in the open when I'm riding my bike. I saw them today on my way to work and also on my way home. Crazy!


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