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9 gifts for local ecologists

Our first, we think, holiday gift list. The list is features three books, a CD, a jersey, a birdhouse, a hand pruner, a free map, and items from the Therapeutic Landscapes Network store. Why nine suggestions? Because it's 2009.

  • 3feetplease bicycle jersey (via WalkBikeCT via Design New Haven)
  • The carboard, water-repellent foldable birdhouse by Mxyplyzyk (via the Dec. 10th Home section of the New York Times)
  • Source: The Felco Store

  • Trained citizen pruner? We really like the original Felco 2 pruner (we have at least two).
  • Courtesy of Ellen Zachos, Acme Plant Stuff and Garden Bytes from the Big Apple

  • The "Green Up Time" CD by Ellen Zachos is available through Acme Plant Stuff
  • Washington Square Park (NYC) free Sustainable Lunch Map, developed by Eat Well Guide and courtesy of the NYC Food & Climate Summit
  • Courtesy of Naomi Sachs, Therapeutic Landscapes Network

  • Therapeutic Landscapes Network mug, tote, clothing, etc. at the TLN Store
  • Living Modern: A Biography of Greenwood Common by Waverly B. Lowell
  • Architect William Wurster envisioned Greenwood Common as a development that combined an idealistic sense of community with a modernist aesthetic and an awareness of regional traditions. Utilizing the Berekeley Design Archives this book details the eight distinct homes designed between 1952 and 1957, by seven significant California architects, that harmonize effortlessly with each other and with their location. The Common's landscape, along with four gardens designed by Lawrence Halprin, captured what had become the mid-century ideal of indoor-outdoor living.

    Source: Random House

  • Flora Mirabilis: An Illustrated Time Line of Botanical Exploration, Discovery & Delight by Catherine Herbert Howell, a National Geographic Society book
    A sumptuous showcase of superb illustrations paired with fascinating stories of botanical exploration and trade through the ages, this book will be an evergreen delight. A collaboration between National Geographic and the world-renowned Missouri Botanical Garden, this book blossoms with legend and lore as it culls the most engrossing mysteries and adventures of plant exploration, science, and discovery and garlands them with astonishingly beautiful illustrations. The pages are abloom with the rich details and engaging allure of beloved flowers, stunning gardens, ancient trees, medicinal herbs, and valuable plants of all varieties from around the world. Unique "plant profiles" chronicle the especially remarkable roles each plant has played in matters of economics, politics, and taste.
  • Public Produce: Filling the Sidewalks with Fruit Trees by Darrin Nordahl (the book is available at or you can try your local bookshop)


Ellen Zachos said…
I just got an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas and that Public Produce book is calling my name! Thanks for the recommendation.
Karen said…
Great list! Already have the Felco pruners, I couldn't live without them, but a lot of the other stuff is intriguing, especially the books.
Georgia said…
Like Ellen, I'm really interested in the Public Produce book. One of my new year's goals is to read Flora Mirabilis and post a review.
felco pruners said…
Thank you very much, that's very useful.