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Chicken Cribs: Where city chickens roost

Image courtesy of Chicken Cribs

2009 was the year of the city chicken. There were so many stories about popularity of chicken raising in urban areas. But all these chicks need a place to live. You can do-it-yourself a coop or purchase a kit such as the one developed by Chicken Cribs.

I first spotted the Chicken Crib in the January 2010 issue of Sunset magazine. We got really excited because we recognized the names of the designers. The crib is the design child of UC-Berkeley trained landscape architects Rusty Lamer and Andreas Stavropoulos. The design of this "quick and easy, self-assembly urban chicken coop" was informed by Rusty's experience living in a chicken coop in Italy (yes!) and Andreas's familiarity with urban farming vis-a-vis his friends.

Image courtesy of Chicken Cribs

The duo and their chick-shop are based in Oakland, California. Crib prices range from $550 (unpainted) to $750 (assembled for you if you live within 50 miles). The Crib kit arrives with "detailed assembly directions" and an assembly video is in production. Ordering information is available on the Chicken Cribs website []. We wish we had a yard.


thecitychicken said…
Those are really cool! They come flat-packed like Ikea stuff? :)
~~Katy Skinner /
Karen said…
Nifty! I have seen very similar ones here in Seattle backyards. City Chickens is the name of a class that Seattle Tilth has taught for years. Many converts! I am just an observer, but I love the trend.
Ellen Zachos said…
I long for the day when I can have chickens. I'm forwarding your post to a friend in Brooklyn with a backyard!
paulo said…
boa ideia muito inteligente