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Survey says... more parks, open spaces, trees

Several weeks ago we added a poll to the blog asking: What kinds of posts do you prefer? While the response rate was not statistically significant (only 10 readers voted), your feedback is important to us. Based on the votes, readers highly prefer posts about parks & open spaces, trees, "photo du jour," wildlife posts, in that order.

Since the closing of the poll, we've written about blooming Callery pears and Kwanzan cherries, "Tudor" gardens on vacant lots in West Philadelphia, and a street-side garden in Greenwich Village. Today we offer a set of before (Winter '09/'10) & after (Spring '10) photos of the West Village as part of the April 2010 Picture This Photo Contest hosted by Gardening Gone Wild. This month's theme is "green world" and will be judged by Rob Cardillo.


  1. What a differnce in the seasons! Good luck with the contest.

  2. Melody: welcome to the blog. Thanks for the well wishes; same to you, too!

  3. Love these! Hope you post other before and after photos from other neighborhoods & parks.

  4. outwalkingthedog, thanks for the suggestion. I have a few places in mind.

  5. Before/after, my favorite kind of photos!! Especially if the before is blah and the after is green! Interesting poll results. I love your tree/public spaces stuff but hope you just keep going with whatever you like! There was a meeting of urban foragers at the library where I volunteered today, I wasn't in the meeting but thought of you reaching for olives and oranges in Oakland!

  6. As always Karen, appreciate your comments.


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