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Tree Walk: Arboreal pyramids

The dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides), a deciduous conifer, "grows in a perfect pyramid 70 to 90 feet tall" according to its US Forest Service fact sheet. The Arbor Day Foundation describes the species as fast growing which means it can grow 25" or more per year.  This particular dawn redwood is located on E. Houston Street in Manhattan adjacent to a nine-story building.

The dawn redwood is a NYC Parks Department approved street tree species.  Two were planted in the sidewalk front of a new residential development at 3-7 Wooster Street. Will they attain the same height as the one in the garden on Houston Street?

Another pyramidal tree approved for sidewalk planting in NYC is the bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) but we have not seen one growing in the sidewalk, yet. If you live in New York, have you seen this tree?


Anonymous said…
There's a Taxodium distichum in Tompkins Square Park near the American elm tree known as the Hare Krishna tree.
local ecologist said…
Thank you, Anonymous. I noted the elm on my last visit. Will look for the T. distichum during my next one.