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Street tree removal in New York City

A series about the rules and regulations of street tree planting, pruning, and removal in New York City.

From the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation:
Dead trees reported on streets, parks, playgrounds or other public spaces will be inspected and, if appropriate, removed. Parks' service pledge to citizens with dead trees in front of their houses is to inspect and remove such trees within 30 days of notification. To report a dead tree, call 311 or use our forestry service request system.

Submit a Forestry Service Request
Use our new forestry service request system to submit a service request, and we’ll route your submission to the appropriate Parks Department division and provide you with a tracking number and details about how your request will be addressed.

After a tree is removed, Parks will automatically add the site to the free tree planting program.
Stumps are also removed by the Department of Parks, depending on funding, and the location will be added to a registry for future tree planting.  For more information, visit the Forestry Services and Permits website.


If it's a nuisance might as well remove the tree for many other convenience or it could have been better if they'd just relocate the poor tree. Thanks!
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Anonymous said…
I Love your articles guys keep it up.
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