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8 farmers markets, 6 U.S. cities

In celebration of National Farmers Market Week (August 1-7, 2010), here are photographs of several farmers markets we have visited across the country.  Here is what the USDA has to say about farmers markets:
Farmers markets are an integral part of the urban/farm linkage and have continued to rise in popularity, mostly due to the growing consumer interest in obtaining fresh products directly from the farm. Farmers markets allow consumers to have access to locally grown, farm fresh produce, enables farmers the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with their customers, and cultivate consumer loyalty with the farmers who grows the produce. Direct marketing of farm products through farmers markets continues to be an important sales outlet for agricultural producers nationwide. As of mid-2009, there were 5,274 farmers markets operating throughout the U.S.

Downtown Berkeley
Produce purchased at the Derby Street Berkeley Farmers Market (another)
In Philadelphia (below, too)
Juicy fruit!
City Hall, Boston

Pineapple top, Haymarket, Boston
Heart of the City Farmers Market, Civic Center, San Francisco
Union Square Greenmarket, NYC (below, too)
Winding down -- Temescal (Creek) Farmers Market, Oakland
Where is your farmers market?


Karen said…
That is a great selection, Georgia! I have been to quite a few here in Seattle, and now combine a visit to one that is right outside the library branch I go to weekly. It makes a nice summer combo outing with my daughter, to go before the market opens to browse and read in the cool of the kids' section, then head out to sample stone fruit and select some produce for the next few night's dinners. Hope you are having a great summer!
Georgia said…
Karen, good to hear from you! Your library-market ritual sounds terrific.

Have you heard of/ seen the edible median in the Queen Anne neighborhood?
Les said…
One of the high points of our recent trips was the Union Sq. market. It was fantastic, lots of pics were taken.