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An orchard grew in Brooklyn Heights?

When we came across several fruit-named streets in Brooklyn Heights, I immediately thought that the area was historically an orchard.  I was wrong.  It would have been challenging to maintain a tropical fruit orchard in New York.  And where would a cranberry bog fit into the landscape? Read about creating a bog garden on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website.  Also, note the cross street -- Willow Street. 

The Brooklyn Heights's streets Orange, Cranberry, and Pineapple were originally named for aristocratic families, a practice that nineteenth century resident Lady Middagh found "pretentious," so she renamed the streets.  These streets influenced the name of a nearby sitting area -- the Fruit Street Sitting Area.

In researching for our post about parks in the movies, I learned that Cher's character in Moonstruck lived in a house on Cranberry Street.  Cinematic Parks found this amusing as Cher's character was from a working class family and that house on Cranberry Street was marketed for $5 million!