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More Farm City 2010: mobile garden and diy hydroponics

In addition to the people-plant interaction of Roussel Giraudy figural wheat sculptures, I saw Tattfoo Tan's S.O.S. Mobile Classroom and Boswyck Farms's soda bottle hydroponic planter tutorial.

Intrigued by bicycle-based commerce he saw in New York and in India, Tattfoo Tan developed a mobile garden workshop-on-a-bicycle -- the S.O.S. Mobile Classroom -- to "engage visitor by doing workshop and providing a real to life scale model of what a mobile garden and a compost bin would be by hauling all the necessary equipment along."  Hens travel with the classroom.

The hydroponic system showcased by Boswyck Farms was geared towards children.  But it was a great starter for a hydroponic newbie like me!  The first step is to cut off the top one-third of a large plastic bottle.  A soda bottle was used in the demonstration.  Remove and cut a hole in the bottle cap and thread through several pieces of rope for irrigation. 

Recap and add growing medium to the top one-third portion of the bottle.  Add water to the larger section of bottle and place the smaller section into it, with the cap facing down.

Shallowly plant seeds or plant seedlings in the growing medium.

You have made a hydroponic garden.

Harvest and replenish water as necessary.